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I developed acute nervousness coupled with anxiety attacks recently in my mid-sixties. Conventional methods with western medication did not work nicely. Psychotherapy and limited hypnotherapy were helpful but didn't eliminate the stress and anxiety. It was still interfering with my entire life. While still frustrated, I got described Cypress Natural Remedies by my psychotherapist. After an extremely thorough analysis by Dr. Bryan and Dr. Destia, I eagerly pursued their Naturopathic and CrainioSacral Remedy training of treatment. Significant alleviation came up quickly. My panic attacks have ceased and the stress and anxiety is much more under control. Dr. Bryan and Dr. Destia are incredibly skilled, nurturing and thorough. With only 3 months of treatment, I have been happy with the results.
We quite often listen to from our patients, that the initial thing they notice when they get into our clinic are the nutritional supplements, health, wellbeing and personal maintenance systems easily available to them. We offer specific recommendations on natural supplements and healthy food choices to enhance our patient's return to optimal health! Do you know which supplements and natural vitamins are healthy? We pride ourselves in having a thorough selection. Our doctors can provide a structured dietary program predicated on your individual needs.
We are buying a TCM Acupuncturist that has qualified within the last 5 years, to become a valued person in the team. You should be enthusiastic, hard working and prepared to get involved, you will gain masses of clinical and working experience in a supportive, creative and fun center. Here, under one roof covering, we have helped bring together some of the most experienced and highly licensed therapists and specialists in the North Western world.
The global market for traditional solutions stands at US$ 60 billion a year and is continuously growing. In addition to the patient safety issue and the hazard to knowledge and biodiversity, addititionally there is the chance that further commercialization through unregulated use can make these remedies unaffordable to many who use them as their most important source of medical care. Because of this policies on the protection of indigenous or traditional knowledge are necessary.

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